November 22, 2021

PanicFree Intelligent Call Bell System

Warmcare showcased the application of different system and new product concept at Hong Kong Medical and Healthcare Fair 2021. If you have missed us on the fair or want to know more about product information, is time for us to introduce for you one by one now.


First, Warmcare PanicFree Intelligent Call Bell System which is a wireless nurse call solution designed for Hong Kong Hospital and different from the traditional system in the market. It is especially suitable for responding to the temporary bed during influenza seasons or epidemic outbreak, new or revamping care facilities and replacing existing system.


Our system provide a wide range of options for wireless call button and monitors which allow caregivers to customize product combination according to their individual cubicle needs, make them work smoothly.

Call ID Customization, No more IT technical support needed

Wireless call button is easy to use without complicated installation, caregivers can customize caller ID base on the situation like:

ž  Patient exchange

ž  Wireless call button location


Visualize interface, View all alarm in one monitor

With CMU Touch, an integrated management display with universal icons for easy interpretation, help caregivers to identify multiple patients’ and the information of location, alarm type and device status etc.


Voice Alarm Mode, Recognize patient status all around

To ensure that if the caregivers are far away from the nurse station, they can still listen the alarm clearly and will not miss any emergency alarm when they are concentrating on work.


1st Ultra-thin Portable Card Pager, Used for cubicle conveniency

Warmcare Portable Card Pager is a stylish and extremely lightweight (only 70g) design, convenient for caregivers daily use, historic breakthrough in the concept of traditional nurse call pager. They can knot on their uniform, waist or neck etc. Carrying with them to receive the emergency alarm anytime, anywhere.

Centralizing Monitoring System

Pair & Remove Devices in The Platform Easily

For integrated care, devices offered by Warmcare can work with our central monitoring system. Be alerted of all emergencies in a single platform, the system empowers caregivers to have full control of the care environment.


Take a look at more product features of our Call Bell System at:


If you are interested in our systems, please schedule a product demo at:

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