December 16, 2021

Manage Fall Effectively

In the last post, we have already shared about one of our focuses in the medical exhibition – the Intelligent Call Bell System, let’s move on to the next major topic – fall management.


Never worry about overlooking patients’ attempts to leave beds or wheelchairs, with bed exit sensor pads and monitors of our DetectPro Fall Management System, be instantly alerted of such incidents before patients suffer from serious injuries.


Ultra-Flexible Application – The Simplest Way to Manage Fall

Designed for moving from beds to beds in the overloaded care environment, the bed exit sensor pads offer not only convenience of wireless design by eliminating tripping hazards or other restrictions of wires, but also benefits of space saving with foldable design.


Experience The Next Level Sensor Pad - Simply Safer & Cozier

3 all new bed exit sensor pad, for effective fall management

- Under Mattress Sensor Pad

- Ultra-soft Sensor Pad

- Anti-Bacterial Sensor Pad

Designed with patients and caregivers in mind, ensuring maximum comfort and hygiene.


All Rounded Care – Real Time Monitoring with Different Warmcare Systems

The monitor works with up to 8 Warmcare devices, simultaneously receiving alarms from different system, such as the Fall Management and Call Bell System, allowing caregivers to custom build unique system fitting actual needs.

Better Care for Dementia Patients- Record Personalized Message with Monitors

With dementia elderlies in mind, our alarm monitor offers recordable alarm options, allowing caregivers to record personalized alarm message easily, for speaking directly to patient in a friendly tone when alarm is triggered.

Central Monitoring System

Pair & Remove Devices in The Platform Easily

For integrated care, devices offered by Warmcare can work with our central monitoring system. Be alerted of all emergencies in a single platform, the system empowers caregivers to have full control of the care environment.


Take a look at more product features of our fall management system at:


If you are interested in our systems, please schedule a product demo at:

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PanicFree Intelligent Call Bell System
Warmcare showcased the application of different system and new product concept at Hong Kong Medical and Healthcare Fair 2021.
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