August 12, 2022

Haloa Hip Protector – Supporting active living at senior years

Elderlies are suggested to exercise and maintain their daily social life to be physically and mentally healthy. Yet, these normal activities might still bring certain risks to elderlies as they become more fragile when aged. In Hong Kong alone, >200,000 elderlies are at risk of falls or even bone fracture every year. For better protection and improving elderlies’ quality of life, Haloa Hip Protector helps effectively absorb direct impact at incidence of fall, with different user-friendly design ideal for all elderlies, especially Asian.


Ensuring Comfortability

Washable, breathable and skin friendly anti-bacterial finished textile are handpicked for preventing allergy and moisture build-up. For maximizing comfort, different fittings designed for Asian and elastic waistband with unique roomy thighs opening ensure wearers are not constrained by tight cutting.


Ensuring Effectiveness

Developed together with renowned university in Hong Kong, we scientifically employed layers of TPU, silicone and soft sponge for super powerful impact shielding to perfectly absorb and transfer away forces from fall to protect wearer’s hip bone.


Ensuring Friendly Usage

Light weight detachable pads and low-profile skin-color of Haloa Hip Protector allows the pants to go well with different clothing. Its’ unisex design is excellent choice for fashion-conscious elderlies when going out, being virtually undetectable just like any other underwear.


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Assistance in Provision of High-Quality Elderly Care
Warmcare has always been keen to helping caregivers provide high quality care to those they are serving. For over the past 20 years, we are dedicated to designing, producing and offering the most practical and effective solutions to the market.
Extending Help… Covering Further, Connecting Closer
In the healthcare industry, we know that every second counts. When every delay can make the difference between life and lost, it is very important to be reachable anytime, anywhere. Warmcare’s system can help caregivers oversee and monitor the whole care environment, facilitating emergencies handling effectively from every corner of the facility.
Warmcare dare to meet challenge and imagine the future with you together, strive to provide the comprehensive and the simplest solution for you to meet your ideal goals.



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