July 20, 2022

Extending Help… Covering Further, Connecting Closer

In the healthcare industry, we know that every second counts. When every delay can make the difference between life and lost, it is very important to be reachable anytime, anywhere. Warmcare’s system can help caregivers oversee and monitor the whole care environment, facilitating emergencies handling effectively from every corner of the facility.


Effective management of customized alerts:

Our system integrates different kinds of alerts, from fall management, nurse call, to anti-wandering systems, notifying caregivers in real time when the unexpected happens. For adapting to wards of all sizes, under different scenario, alerts can be customized and displayed in different monitors, so source of emergencies can be identified in the shortest time.


Extending all over the whole ward:

To provide convenience and maximize efficiency, wireless monitors can be easily installed in numerous places in the ward, so caregivers can be notified anywhere, expediting response to calls.


a.     Portable alert notification

These neatly designed Warmcare’s Portable Card Pagers integrate into caregiver’s daily work. Caregivers can bring the device along while moving around different locations and focusing on tasks at hand, reassured that emergency alerts can be received anywhere.  


b.     In corridors and public area

Warmcare LCD and LED Banners can be mounted on walls in corridors or public area, where caregivers will walk pass frequently. These enlarged alarm display allows quick and easy interpretation of alarms at a glimpse, conveying unified message across the entire health team with attention-grabbing visual and audio clues.


c.      In/outside patient room

Different monitors can be used at or close by the point of care, such as Warmcare’s Wireless Alarm Monitor or Medical Call Center, giving instructions to patients while allowing caregivers to comprehend status of emergency, directly addressing and resetting the alarms conveniently.


d.     Nurse Station

For integrated patient and device management, Warmcare’s CMU Touch ideally positioned at nurse station provides centralized care options. Beside alert handling, caregivers can also conduct setting and programming of different devices with CMU Touch, for customization according to needs and easy identification of alarm source.


Adopt monitoring and patient monitoring systems covering the whole ward environment, let our Warmcare professional representatives help you flexibly select different device combination and set up according to your needs, spreading love and care further. 

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