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Wireless Medical Call Center (Multiple Connection & Pair with CMU Touch)


A powerful all-in-one lite version monitoring unit which receives wireless signals from up to 8 Warmcare’s devices with alerts identifying specific source of alarm on the system.


  • Setting catering different requirement

Personalized setting of alarm tone and volume, timing of overdue display, alert looping sequence etc, are available to cater for needs of individual wards to improve healthcare provision.

  • Maximum mobility in usage

Lightweight portable design and seamless wireless connectivity allow the MCC to be placed anywhere or carry around for upmost convenience, so caregivers may be alerted immediately when emergency occurs.

  • Tailored material for enhanced product lifetime

Protective case made of strong but soft silicone not only maximize usage comfortability, but also increase durability. Case surface allows standard sanitization with hospital grade disinfectant wipes, making cleaning efficient.

  • Paired with Central Monitoring Unit

For maximize functionality, this MCC can be linked to CMU touch, allowing caregivers to be informed of emergency anywhere and handle alerts away from the nurse station.

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