January 7, 2022

Keeping Residents Safe, Prevent Wandering

After introducing how to manage falls especially for elderlies in the last post, those suffering from dementia also face another severe risk - wandering off and threatened by all the dangers away from safety zone. Let’s also take a look at technologies to help handle this.


Warmcare’s OptiGuard Anti-Wandering System immediately notify caregivers when wander-prone individuals wearing our Tag Transmitter approaches any exits with Door Bar Monitor, giving caregivers piece of mind even when being always from residents.

Precise Detection Area Setting - Monitor Enters & Exits of Dangerous Zones

The door bar monitor’s detection range can be easily adjusted from 1-4m, among other customization setting. This allows application in both larger and smaller wards without triggering unnecessary alarms due to unfit sensitivity, and alerting in real time and optionally locking magmatic doors when real wandering incidents are detected.  


Simple Usage & Installation – Works Right Out of The Box

Reliable wireless design of the system allows flexible placement and simultaneous usage of up to 9 door bar monitors, for central monitoring of all exits or different prohibited zones at Warmcare’s CMU Touch.  


Multi-Target Monitoring – Simultaneous Protection Against Lost Incidents 

Tags with self-editable ID can be assigned to numerous residents, if any of them enter the detected area, alerts with ID will immediately be triggered immediately, allowing caregivers can identify the wandering patient.

Central Monitoring System

Pair & Remove Devices in The Platform Easily

For integrated care, devices offered by Warmcare can work with our central monitoring system. Be alerted of all emergencies in a single platform, the system empowers caregivers to have full control of the care environment.


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