January 24, 2022

24/7 Protection Solution for Epilepsy Patients

We have been sharing different innovations by Warmcare in the past few posts, including OptiGuard Anti-Wandering System, DetectPro Fall Management System and PanicFree Intelligent Call Bell System. In this post, let’s take a look at one of the most effective solutions from overseas that could also help optimize care – Alert-iT’s Epilepsy Solution.


After soughing worldwide for the optimum epilepsy solution to introduce to HK, we’ve selected Alert-iT’s Epilepsy Solution, for its years of experience developing and offering reliable and user-friendly epilepsy support technologies to the UK healthcare industry. The solution is proven safe and offers precise monitoring, with compliance to ISO standards and accredited as Class 1 Medical Devices.


The system detects epilepsy induced continuous vibration, including even the smallest tonic clonic seizures, notifying caregivers of the emergency immediately.

Accurate Epilepsy Monitoring, Offering Reassurance at Night 

When placed under mattress, Alert-iT’s monitor accurately pick up epilepsy symptoms, such as:

ž  Seizures, spasm and tics at night time

ž  Bed exits or other uncontrollable motions caused by epilepsy

Hence, accurately distinguishing between ordinary bed movement or epilepsy episodes, and effectively eliminating false alarms.


Flexibly Connect to Existing Alarm System

Designed to be completely compatible with alarm systems in healthcare settings, or works with Warmcare’s Central Monitoring System, supporting all rounded care with simultaneous usage of other Warmcare’s devices such as call buttons and sensor pads, for integrated patient monitoring at both large or small wards, while reducing effort and time required for caregivers to adapt to the new system.

Central Monitoring System

Pair & Remove Devices in The Platform Easily

For integrated care, devices offered by Warmcare can work with our central monitoring system. Be alerted of all emergencies in a single platform, the system empowers caregivers to have full control of the care environment.


Take a look at more product features of our Epilepsy Solution at: 



If you are interested in our systems, please schedule a product demo at:


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