tournIQ® Disposable Tourniquet


tourniQ ® – This brand-new concept introduced from Sweden, helps consistent application of optimum tourniquet pressure with visual indicator. It enables vein dilation 2 times more evident and about four times faster than using general single-use tourniquets. Hence, practitioners, regardless of their skill levels, can access the vein in first attempt more easily. ** We are the sole distributor for tournIQ® in Hong Kong, officially collaborating with Ortrud Medical AB.


  • Full pressure control with tournIQ® Pressure Indicator

The patented indicator provides visual guidance to practitioners, indicating when optimum pressure range is reached for optimum vein dilation effect. (60-100mmHg, as recommended in international intravenous guides)


  • Environmental-friendly design ensuring minimum waste 

tournIQ® is produced with Tyvek, a type of recyclable plastic (#2 HDPE) certified with environmental management policy ISO14001. Its superior strength-to-weight ratio allows the total weight of tourniquet to be just 1 gram, which is around 10 times less material consumption in production than an average tourniquet in the market, reducing waste and ensuring sustainability.


  • Hygienic assurance for effective infection control

To prevent contaminations, tournIQ® is designed to be truly single-use, with incisions of the pressure indicator visually deformed after application, for easy identification of used tourniquet.


  • Guaranteeing effectiveness even for elderlies

tournIQ® is for everyone, especially suitable for elderlies. Elderlies’ veins are apt to wiggle under loose skin when needle is inserted. With guidance of tournIQ® Pressure Indicator, practitioners can easily apply optimum pressure of 60-100mmHg on all patients every time, allowing successful venous access.


  • Simple & intuitive to use

The pull-through design of tournIQ® with strong adhesive lock facilitates quick fastening, easy repositioning and allows single-hand release of tourniquet, hence improving care quality and efficiency.


  • Maximum comfort for patients

Top quality of tournIQ® is ensured with the use of Tyvek, a trusted choice for medical devices, pharmaceutical manufacturers as well as specialized sterile packaging suppliers worldwide for decades. It has excellent tear and puncture resistance nature. The latex free material composition prevents allergies, and the no pinching pull-through design allows secure fastening. These provide best user experience for patients.

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