January 3, 2022

Introducing tournIQ® - the tourniquet with marker to apply optimum pressure

We are glad to announce our cooperation with Ortrud Medical AB, as sole distributor of their hero product – tournIQ®, introducing from Sweden to Hong Kong the only tourniquet that allows easy application of optimum pressure with patented pressure indication, for most effective vein dilation. This helps HK practitioners, regardless of their experience, to successfully access venous bloodstream in first attempt.


With tournIQ® pressure indicator, practitioners performing medical procedures such as venipuncture, phlebotomy, IV therapy or other injection procedures, can be guided visually to determine the tightness of the tourniquet. When the mark on the tourniquet forms a straight line with the incision, optimum pressure (60-100mmHg) is obtained. This allows 2 times greater vein dilation with 4 times faster speed in achieving it when compares to using general tourniquet in the market without visual clues in assisting practitioners to apply adequate pressure.